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Markdown your documentation

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Some quick Examples


# Main headline
## Smaller headlines
### Small headlines


{% tabs %}
{% tab title="XXX" %}
{% endtab %}
{% tab title="XXX" %}
{% endtab %}

{% endtabs %}


```LANGUAGE (for text highlighting)
#### Links


Screenshots or other Images


Hints for ToDos

{% hint style="info" %} TODO: XXX {% endhint %}

Host the screenshots

Host on Human Connection

TODO: How to host on Human Connection (GitHub) ...

Quick Solution

To quickly host the screenshots go to:


There click the green button New post.

Drag the image into the appropriate area.

Right click on it and choose kind of Open link in new tab.

Copy the URL and paste it were you need it.

Screenshot modification

Add an arrow or some other marking stuff

In the Preview App

Got to: Menu + Tools (GER: Werkzeuge) + Annotate (GER: Anmerkungen) + etc.

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