Despite our best efforts, systems sometimes require downtime for a variety of reasons.

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We use our maintenance mode for manual database backup and restore. Also we bring the database into maintenance mode for manual database migrations.

Deploy the service

We prepared sample configuration, so you can simply run:

# in folder deployment/
kubectl apply -f human-connection/maintenance

This will fire up a maintenance service.

Bring application into maintenance mode

Now if you want to have a controlled downtime and you want to bring your application into maintenance mode, you can edit your global ingress server.

E.g. in file deployment/digital-ocean/https/ingress.yaml change the following:


  - host:
      - path: /
          # serviceName: nitro-web
          serviceName: maintenance
          # servicePort: 3000
          servicePort: 80

Then run kubectl apply -f deployment/digital-ocean/https/ingress.yaml. If you want to deactivate the maintenance server, just undo the edit and apply the configuration again.

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