Human Connection is a nonprofit social, action and knowledge network that connects information to action and promotes positive local and global change in all areas of life.

  • Social: Interact with other people not just by commenting their posts, but by providing Pro & Contra arguments, give a Versus or ask them by integrated Chat or Let's Talk

  • Knowledge: Read articles about interesting topics and find related posts in the More Info tab or by Filtering based on Categories and Tagging or by using the Fulltext Search.

  • Action: Don't just read about how to make the world a better place, but come into Action by following provided suggestions on the Action tab provided by other people or Organisations.

Technology Stack

Live demo

Try out our deployed staging environment.



Learn how to set up a local development environment in our Docs :mag_right:


You can help translating the interface by joining us on Thank you lokalise for providing us with a premium account :raised_hands:.

Developer Chat

Join our friendly open-source community on Discord :heart_eyes_cat: Just introduce yourself at #user-presentation and mention @@Mentor to get you onboard :neckbeard: Check out the contribution guideline, too!


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